Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Fantasy Series: Alice

This is the first in a series of fantasy art I began last night. This particular piece, featuring a sexy Alice from Alice in Wonderland is on the risqué side, but that doesn't mean they all will be. Don't be expecting Poseidon in a speedo, or anything like that. I've just put this piece up on Ebay if anyone would like to own it.


Saturday, December 27, 2008

What I've Been Up To

Lately these posts have been approximately bi-weekly. My son, Nathan, had a little relapse in his heart condition, and he had to undergo surgery to clear away some abrasions around his heart, and after a few days in the hospital in Houston we were able to come him since he's doing much better. We couldn't be more thrilled!

This piece is one of the last commissions from what I call the "Hurricane Batch", those commissions I sold just before our area was struck by Hurricane Ike, causing us to lose our home to mold and sending us bouncing around the map until finally settling into our own place again.

But enough about me. Onto the art! This piece was inspired by Marvel's Shanna the She-Devil. The client didn't specify that he wanted Shanna necessarily, but wanted something in that vein.

And over the last few weeks I've been reading up on mythology, not just Greek, but Roman, Norse, and Celtic as well. Here's my interpretation of the Greek Goddess of magic and the underworld, Hekate. There have been many other versions of her by different comics companies, especially in the DC Universe.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

It's been a while.

God, it's been almost a month! Well, to keep you all abreast of my situation, my family and I are finally settled into a new apartment after being virtually homeless for the last three months following Hurricane Ike. It's now COMPLETELY behind us, thankfully. In the meantime I have tons of art to complete (some that has been commissioned since August! But I hear that the real professional artists take over a year sometimes, so I don't feel so bad. I tell ya, those acts of God are a bitch.

On to the art...

This pin-up is of Stormblazer, his super-villan, Sifter, and his alter ego's secretary, Stephanie. Look for it to be used in the future (or at least colored).

Here are two more designs for some new characters for my original graphic novel soon to begin production. Meet the sorcerer Morgana, and (below) the super-strong member of an all-female forgotten race from Antarctica, Amazona. Amazona was originally a character from Nedor Publications in the 1940s, but she has since fallen into the public domain. I've changed her to suit my needs, as I've done to many a lady. Kidding.