Friday, September 5, 2008


Nightscape was originally reverse-engineered from vampire DNA in a government laboratory many years ago with the intention of being the perfect assassin against the creatures of the night. He had a mind of his own, much to the chagrin of his creators, and he fled the laboratory.

He is immune to the common weaknesses of vampires, and he has many of their abilities. His strength matches that of an elder vampire, he has limited flying ability, and his senses are heightened. In his right forearm was implanted a titanium talon that he can unsheath at will. Titanium was long ago found to be more lethal to vampires than silver.

He has no need for blood, but instinct tells him that that is the only thing that can satisfy him. Normal food is sufficient, but it tastes terrible to him, and he often goes days without eating. His metabolism, however, is such that it takes a long time for this to weaken him. His body requires a third of the food that a human does. He sometimes feeds upon the wicked, but so far he hasn't taken enough to kill anyone.

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