Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Sex Goddess with Viking Sword

Here's the description sent to me by the client....

What I'd like for a drawing is a lady with long, full, wild blonde hair - falling to about mid thigh - being blown in the wind. The lady is the most beautiful girl in the world, with the most stunning, lithe, athletic body. She's got wide shoulders, large, perky, firm, superheroine-like breasts, a narrow, concave waist, long legs, and large, happy eyes. The sort of girl that boys would follow for miles... Think the Enchantress from the Thor comics, but friendlier and sexier. She's got an imaginary body - slender and well-muscled with an hourglass figure, tight, perfect bottom, and breasts larger than expected on her frame. She's a Goddess - eternally young and smokin' hot. She's happy, smiling and seductive.

This busty young blonde girl is barely wearing a leather outfit - a corset / bustier, a very short sheath (non-ruffled) skirt slit on one side, and thigh-high, soft leather boots. The corset acts more like a push-up bra. She also has a large, single jewel diamond pendant which is round, flat, and would be about 1-1/2 inches across. She's wearing a loosely fastened sword belt. The sword, in its sheath, is a longsword - like a Viking sword.

The girl is posed seductively. We see her from about mid-thigh up. posed to show off her curves.

Sound OK?


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